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At the foundation of employability skills is the social interaction of individuals in a work environment. For this reason, the SkillBott curriculum utilizes group based experiential lessons that are rooted in practical, real life scenarios, rather than attempting to teach these interactive social skills with extensive topical reading and multiple choice testing. It includes multiple modalities of learning and has activities for all types of learners.  In addition, it is designed for teachers who have limited preparation time and who may not be familiar with the subject matters.  We offer six Courses, 67 lessions and over 160 hours of instruction.


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A 12 Week Lesson Plan

Here is a sample lesson plan for teenagers and young adults looking for their first big job. 

  1. When to Talk – When to Listen
    The skills students need to communicate with peers and supervisors.

  2. Check Your Attitude at the Door
    The conduct and behaviors that will not be tolerated in the workplace.

  3. Beginning the Job Search
    Creating a plan to find the right job.

  4. The First Day on the Job
    Acting like an experienced pro on your first day.

The SkillBott curriculum consists of 67 lessons organized into 6 subject areas. Each lesson averages 2 hours in length but they can be modified by the teacher to suit any time constraints, areas of interest or skill development or student needs. All lessons include multiple choice quizzes, writing assignments, a project or activity, a self-assessment and situational judgment questions.  Lessons are aligned to the Common Core Standards.  The following links will help you become better acquainted with the SkillBott curriculum:

Integrated Lesson Plans

Each lesson is structured the same way and allows for quick and easy class preparation. The teacher, or a career coach, can choose which segments the student or class will study and which assignments are mandatory.

  • Introduction: Sets the objectives for the lesson.

  • Think & Respond Questions: Asks the student a basic question on the lesson subject.

  • Glossary of Key Words: Defines key words and/or concepts in the lesson with which the student may not be familiar.

  • Pre-Quiz: A 4 to 5 multiple choice quiz to identify what the student may already know about the subject.

  • Anecdote of the Day: A quote or reading that puts the lesson in historical, cultural, social or contextual perspective.

  • Role Play Center Video: A short video that illustrates the problem. 

  • Lesson Activity/Exercise/Project: The lesson is given and reinforced with an interesting activity.

  • Self-Assessment: Asks the student to assess their own actions and/or behaviors in specific situations.

  • Wrap Up & Final Thoughts: Asks the student to revisit their initial Think & Respond answers.

  • Situational Judgment Questions: Poses hypothetical situations that requires the student to apply the skills taught in the lesson.

Delivery Methods

SkillBott's flexibility gives you several ways to deliver the classes.

  • Traditional teacher-led classroom instruction

  • Teacher-led virtual classroom

  • One-on-one individualized instruction

  • Independent, student self-direct study

  • A licensed and certified SkillBott career coach leading a virtual class

Multiple Credit Options

The breadth and depth of the SkillBott curriculum gives you a lot of options.

  • Full credit semester course

  • Jr/Sr Elective

  • Summer School program

  • Alternative Ed program

  • At Risk students

  • Leadership training

  • Evening program for post-grads

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