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SkillBott Explorer

A Student Interest Self-Assessment

The hardest part of starting a career is selecting a career. The SkillBott Explorer is a career self-assessment that allows you to explore different career paths based on your current skills and interests. It will then make some recommendations on possible career paths that are aligned with your interests, skills and aspirations. 

The SkillBott Explorer consists of 260 questions, divided into 3 categories and takes about 30 minutes to complete. At the end, it will recommend 2 career clusters in which you expressed the greatest interests. Career clusters are general career themes or categories associated with thousands of jobs. Examples include business, public service, creative arts or sciences


  • Interests & Passions: The things that interest you the most and want to learn more about.

  • Skills & Abilities: The things you can already do or have the aptitude or the desire to learn.

  • Values & Needs: The personal treasures that enhance your life; the must-have’s that you cannot live without.


  • The type of involvement or position that is best suited to you:

    • Things: tools, equipment

    • People: communicating, social interaction

    • Ideas: research, thinking, problem-solving

  • The on-the job activities you prefer:

    • Hands-on: fixing things

    • Communicating: teaching, sales

    • Creating: drawing, writing

  • The values and needs that are most important to you to enjoy your personal life and find success in your career

Get Your Free Access Code

The SkillBott Explorer is a free assessment but you will need an access code to enter. Please contact us with your name and your school. When you receive it, click on the start button below and enjoy. 


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