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We provide learners and educators with proven, state-of-the-art College and Career Readiness Courseware, so they can exceed their college and career readiness requirements. We engage America’s learners in critical soft skills development that will help equip them for the challenges of college, careers, and life. We have proved, that delivering our curricula via a technological platform, we inherently:

  • Expand our reach to more students and young adults;

  • Provide clients with a turnkey solution for college and career readiness;

  • Incorporate just-in-time solutions to the changing needs and trends of the workplace.

  • Develop a skilled workforce that businesses require.

SkillBott is a comprehensive, standards based curriculum, delivered online, that teaches students the critical soft skills or 21st Century Skills they will need to obtain employment and build a successful career. Your students will learn how to:

  • Communicate with peers and supervisors

  • Act and behave in a workplace setting

  • Search for a job and prepare for the interview

  • Improve workplace performance

  • Identify and develop professional skills for future success

The goal of SkillBott is to give students the ability to create, communicate, collaborate, analyze and problem-solve in any workplace environment.

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