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Your registration includes                                access to SkillBott’s 75 Soft Skills Categories which contain of

                                 lesson/activity time.


200+ hours

       Mix & Match       

all facets of the curriculum to meet your students’ learning needs.

Quick 20-minute stand-alone activities

Intensive, semester-long courses that focus on life skills, career readiness and college prep development

Plug-and play programs for existing classes

& more!

Data management systems (for report writing)

Online learning management (student progress and grade monitoring)

3 hours of administrator / teacher training

Tech set-up

The fee also includes:   


online lessons & activities

At the foundation of employability skills is the social interaction of individuals in a work environment. For this reason, the SkillBott curriculum utilizes group based experiential lessons.

Our Lessons

The focus of SkillBott is to foster the soft skills that students will need to be successful in the workplace. Soft skills, sometimes called 21st Century Skills, are the attributes, behaviors and values that employers want in new employees.



Recruit. Retain. Rejoice. Onboarding Essentials is designed for employers and hiring managers to assist with upskilling their new hires for success on the job.


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